Embrace the Deception

Wrote this some years back… Some things may have changed…
But yeah OC’s Big Tree (Bullseye) Mika (two Eyes)


In ****? people were witness to a world wide epidemic  spreading from the western worlds, later to the third world countries. Where the results where that of a catastrophe. 

This was not too long after the attempted destruction of an asteroid in collision course with earth. The attempt was a failure, but at least the result was not as destructive as it would have been if they had not tried to stop it. 

Basically earth was in a state of disorder  Fortunatly a dutch scientist group in South Africa managed to muster up a form of a cure. But there were signs that this virus were mutating, and many felt that the world was just a ticking time bomb.  

Through this, countries around the world saw a need for a joint epidemic operation. And so the EVAsive was born. Having full authority to deal with situations within their realm as they saw fit.  

The fear of a mutated virus was ever persistent, so when some people in New LA as well as London started to “drop dead,” as it was said. EVAsive quickly set up a quarantine  and started to dispose of the bodies. Soon enough whatever caused this had reached several big cities around the world. While crematoriums burned hot, they realized they had made a huge mistake. There was no mutated virus… This time.

It wasn’t only governments and the common people who were in a disarray after the asteroid incident and the epidemic. Criminal organisations were dismantled, and new ones were rising to the top. And with them came a new type of drug, named “Zombie Dip” by a group of teenagers on the news. This “Zombie Dip” had one unique feature, which also gave it it’s name. People appeared  to be dead.

This period was known as the “Burning of the Living”

With all the problems after these events, as well as the constant fear of another epidemic and the difficulties handling the drug problem, EVAsive put forth an idea of pretty much dumping any seemingly dead into what they would call the “Offside”. It was considered the cheapest, easiest, fastest as well as the safest method in dealing with the druggies. Time and effort was not something they wanted to waste on people who took this “Zombie Dip”, and something had to be done. It wasn’t safe for the addicted as they might be thrown in with people who were actually killed by the virus everyone feared. But as long as “upstanding” citizens were safe, this was acceptable. And it was basically what they hoped for, that these Offsiders would die off eventually. 

Being sealed off in dead cities, were people eventually started fighting for food and space, the idea that they would eventually perish seemed likely.

But no.

Protesters fought and they fought for the offsider, and they managed to increase the supply of rations.

But they were eventually forgotten, and after some time the offsiders found, not “God,” but their roots, their heritage  People who grew up in this hell hole had almost nothing, and were in constant threat of being killed by those who wanted what little they had. Among what they had was stories, stories of the past, where they belonged, stories of fiction. Eventually that’s where they wanted to live, they wanted to be like their grand grand grand father, a cowboy of the wild west. Or maybe a samurai…

And they did what little they could to feel like they were, that they were a part of that world. Eventually that became their world, obsessed with information about their heritage  or supposed heritage  Creating clothes that to their knowledge matched that of which they were “genetically” a part of. 

The different cultures had their own turfs, some fighting against one another over “land” 

When the outside world got wind of this, the attention was again aimed at the Offsiders. And after a while the offside was opened, but to their surprise, close to none were leaving. And the small wars inside the offside forced others to stay away. People who had been fighting for the Offsiders managed to fight off the suggestion to send in military units, and to later force them into society again. The world wide attention to the american Offsiders forced their hands to let them be. After some time it was shown that non Offsiders had joined their little “country”. Finding the life in there far more intriguing.   

  • BIG TREE (Bullseye <-Mika)

Big tree: 34 year old. Son of second gen offside pawnee, and second gen offside norse. Aha.. Funky!

Many Norse genes are recessive, so the norse father accepted the matrilineal customs of the pawnee mother since Big Tree didn’t look much like a viking “savage.” So Big tree as well as his siblings were third gen offside pawnee. (Generations counted from when the offside was opened.)

Big Tree was named after the only tree they could see outside of the barriers, thanks to it’s height, which had just started blossoming by the time he was born. 

We first meet him when the Ferrians (Black Eyes as he calls them.) start taking people from the Offside. He’s one of the few who manages to evade capture, thanks to the fact that hiding and scouting is one of the things he’s relied on the most while living there. But his sister, which he’s been providing for were not as fortunate. So he sets out to find her, while on the road he comes across Mika, and hell breaks out on earth and among the Ferrians. 

Their first meeting wasn’t the most gentle. Big Tree being rather suspicious to… Well everyone, pretty much knocked her unconscious and took her captive. Big Tree may be a suspicious bastard, but he ain’t one for killing people unwarranted  Mika doesn’t know that, thinking he’s one of those crazy Offsiders, knowing that they value information she tells him about these places called “museums” and “libraries”, and she knows the way (not really.)

The reason Big Tree took Mika was because of a necklace she is carrying. Having seen things like it and that symbol used among the “Black Eyes” Ferrians, he plays along with her.

  • MIKA (The Runner <-Big Tree)

She is what Ferrians call a “one piece” from an old legend. The legend tells of certain people through time who are the root of a mass of important events. Their death or existence alone could change the entire future completely. 

The Ferrians have these people who can see the past and the future. Before invading, the third seer we meet in this story had to locate “one pieces.” Who’s death would make the invasion procedure go by faster. This was called Seer assigned Assassinations. 

Mika is a runaway, and has been running all her life, whether through the streets or from building to building. She is the runner, and Big Tree is basically the “hider.” He’s more of the think it through, while she’s more of the take it as we go. Though there is more to her story then that, that even explains the heterochromia.


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